Whiteboard explainer videos are used to describe a product or service related to any business. These videos fit your marketing needs and deliver the right message to target your potential customers. Because of its unique and aesthetic nature, whiteboard explainer videos are ideal for hosting presentations.

Whiteboard explainer videos are more like a custom animated video with white background and crisp black font. These videos are highly used to reduce the complexity of your message by making them more interesting, motivating and engaging. Also, these videos can persuade consumers better than any celebrity who pretend as he cares about your brand. Whiteboard explainer videos are fun, inspiring and full of concept.

For marketers, whiteboard animation videos are an essential tool to convey complex ideas compellingly without investing a huge amount of money on expensive video production. In a world full of ads that are patronizing to the audience with awfully dull narratives and poor acting, whiteboard explainer videos are best to illustrate your business plan. These explainer videos perfectly blend with the real-time illustration and professional voiceover which makes them more impactful. They easily draw the viewer’s eyes by converting dry content into something creative. Here are five reasons why you need to consider whiteboard explainer videos for your next marketing project:


Visual concepts drive attention that allows the audience to understand your ideas. Whiteboard explainer videos enable your designers to illustrate your ideas and sketch something that can target your potential customers. You can start sketching step by step and demonstrate your complex concept into a whiteboard explainer video. You don’t need any high-end equipment nor fancy elements to add in your whiteboard video. All you need is a smart software that can add more character and value in your project. Also, it works perfectly to guide amateur moviemakers to help them point out every detail in the whiteboard explainer video.


It is pretty easy for an artist to sketch something and add colors to drive potential traffic on the project. But for a developer who creates whiteboard animation videos, it could be a daunting task. It is not easy to impress the audience with the visual conceptualization only. You need to add characters that can pull the audience to watch it. The pro tip is to use creativity in illustrating your ideas and make it simple and understandable. A well-polished animation can make your viewers watch it over and over.


The key to creating a fine animation is to create it as simple as you can. By making it simple doesn’t mean that you have to leave the canvas all blank but it means you have to come up with something impactful, creative and relevant that requires less space. Fortunately, the whiteboard explainer videos are not crowded with infographic, excessive tools and equipment. However, these videos are incredibly cost-effective and can reach a large number of people promptly. Whiteboard explainer videos are simple and tell your story without making it more complex.


Using appropriate narratives can influence the audience well. The power of storytelling builds stasis, curiosity, climax, quest, and surprise. Whiteboard explainer videos are as effective as factual stories and hold content that can engage and motivate the audience at the same time. They can communicate your ideas via black and white themed videos.The videos you create with whiteboard animation can be converted easily to any format which makes them more flexible. They clear your concepts that appeal to wider audiences and bring an inanimate object to life. You can use different animation tools to improve your user-experience that can evoke brand recognition. Blending narrative videos with a whiteboard can create both engaging and compelling experience for the viewer.


Distribution of a digital video is a unique technique where a video can be uploaded to multiple online platforms. From Facebook to YouTube, you can channelize it wherever you want. It depends on the platform you prefer to attract your audience. They are highly-interactive which can help you bring traffic on your site and they can easily reach your audience. According to a local statics report, 80% of people are active on their social media accounts ever another second which means you can attract them by posting relevant and eye gazing content.Promotional videos are very important for the marketing purpose of any business. They are used to present a complex subject into something simpler and understandable. That is the reason why whiteboard explainer videos are widely used. They entertain and retain a high engagement rate that grasps the audience’s attention. If you compare it with other animated videos you create, they are pretty affordable and unique.


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