What is SEO and Why is it important?

SEO (Search engine optimization) is a very important and compulsory term for the websites, website designers and digital marketers.
SEO can help in giving good results of your efforts on your website, Youtube video or any article you wrote.
If you want that your written article, created video or your captured photograph should reach to multiple people then you must have to do SEO for it.
Search Engine Optimization is a very basic need to derive traffic to your content or your youtube video.

What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization which means optimizing you Search result possibility. It is the possibility of increasing the quantity and quality on your website’s content and increasing the visibility is your website on the search engine. SEO improves your unpaid results and provides you free traffic on your webpage.

Search result – Need of SEO

What is Search Result possibility?

Search result possibility is the possibility of ranking your article or your video on the Top or on the 1st page of the search result when someone searches it related to your keyword.

For Example:-

Let Suppose your Keyword is Best Gaming Console, but when you see that 1000s of people already have written on it or made video on it, then it can be the competition for your to beat then and rank on the top. This can be done only by the help of SEO.

as you see the example above, I hope you understand, why you have to do SEO.

Types of SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has many types, but there are two major types of SEO which we are going to see here.

On-Page SEO

on-page SEO

On-Page SEO means optimizing your page web-page according to search engine conditions(SEO checklist).
Making your page SEO friendly is the main purpose of On-Page SEO.
Its name explains its purpose:- optimization on the page.

On-Page SEO checklist

There are some important points which you should keep remembered when you are doing On-page SEO and that is called On-page SEO checklist.

1. Keyword Density

What is keyword?

A keyword is a word which is used in any content as its identity. Keywords are used to rank the article on the internet. Take it as a key to your content.

For Example:-

You write an article on gaming console, if you want that when someone search “Gaming console” and your article should be their then you need to use Gamihng console as your keyword.

The density of your keyword should be 2.5% of your content, it means if your content has 300 words, then your keyword should be 7-8 times presented in your content, not the more then this and not less then this.
You can use multiple keywords.


the keyword is known as a keyphrase in WordPress, so don’t get confused.

for using the right keyword you have to do keyword research. you can use these websites for keyword research Google Keyword Planner, Keyword tool or Neil Patel Seo Tool.

1. Proper use of Keyword

keyword for SEO

There are some specific places where you should use your Keyword for SEO.

  • Title of your Post or Web-page.
  • at Introduction of your Content.
  • mostly in every paragraph.
  • in the meta slug (content address).
  • inside meta description.
  • in the alt text of the images in the content.

Note:- Don’t Hyperlink your Keyword.

2. Linking – Outer and Internal

Both the linking are important in the process of SEO.

You have to link the important words with their explanations on other websites, which is known as Outbound Linking.

Linking some words with your existing articles inside the website is known as internal linking.

3. Paragraph Length

Make your paragraphs small and Easy to read, it is very good for SEO. a large paragraph is a little boring. keep your reader fresh with short and fruitful paragraphs.

Make your paragraph under 200 words.

4. Subheading Distribution

subheading distribution

Distribute your article or content in the subheading.

Use H1, H2, H3 headings in your content to make it more informative and easy to understand.


Use only 1 H1 heading in your content.

Distribution in sub-headings also makes google easy to understand and when google understands it then he gives your article as a suggestion and search results for the information seekers.


Use your keyword in 50% of your subheadings.

5. Image Alternative attributes

image alt text

Alternative attributes (alt-text) is a very important term, you have to give a proper alt-text to every image. it is important for the SEO because, if the internet connection of any user is slow and somehow the image didn’t load then the alt-text helps in recognising the image, it decreases the possibility of confusion or bad judgement of the image by the user.

For Example:-

You add an image of Maruti car on the highway, then the alt-text should be a car on the road.

Try to use keywords also in the alt-texts.

6. Sentence length, Title-length and Meta description length.

Keep in mind that the length of your sentence, site title and meta description is proper because a small length is not totally informative but also the too big length is bad and this is the strict instructions by google to manage the length of your Title and meta description.

Sentence length should less than 20 words per sentence.

7. Word Count

Make your content as larger as you can, but keep in mind that write important relevant information. Don’t change your track, it can mislead the reader and also google. If once the google got misled, then he can put your website in penalization and it’s my experience that the toughest task is to get rid of google’s penalization.

After the release of Google’s New algorithm in March 2019, his rules and regulations become more complicated and tight. So, if you want to stay safe from Google’s penalization then Keep all the above points in mind when you are creating a website or creating content.

Off-Page SEO

off-page seo

Off-page SEO (Off-Site SEO) is the 2nd type of search engine optimization.
In the above article, you learn about On-page SEO in which you read that, how to make your article search engine friendly. As I told you that On-page Search engine optimization is an important term similarly off-site SEO is also very important for SEO.

Signals from the other websites make your website more important. it increases your DA (Domain authority).
The domain authority describes website relevance for a specific subject, and this relevance has a direct impact on website ranking by search engines. If you want to increase your Domain authority then increase signals of your website from other High DA(domain authority) websites.

What is Backlink?

Backlinks are those links which relate other website’s content with your website links. If any user comes to your website from other websites then it will be the backlink (linked any word of content with your website or web-page) of your website drives traffic to your site.

How to Create Backlinks?

There are some Best ways of creating backlinks:-

  • Sharing the Links
  • Guest Posting
  • Content sharing
  • Promote your article
  • Links through infographics

1. Sharing the Links

sharing links are very beneficial for the backlinking because when you share the link of your article or content the traffic comes from another source which increases your domain authority (DA) and Backlinks.

2. Guest Posting

Guest posting is the process of writing posts on another’s websites. after writing a post on other’s website create an outer-link with your website and this makes a good backlink.

3. Content Sharing

Share your content and thoughts and posts with other people which makes then to return to your website. this is the best way of creating powerful backlinks. Best content sharing websites are Reddit, scoop.it, mix and many more.

4. Promote your article

Promotion of the article helps you to generate good traffic, good revenue and Great backlinks. You can promote your content by creating ads of them and publishing it widely.

5. Links through infographics

creating links through infographics can help you to generate traffic and Backlinks. Just hyperlink you infographics like image, Gifs and videos to your website’s links. the best platform for backlinking through infographics is Pinterest.

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