Web Development in 2019

Over the years the area of web development has seen quite the dynamic shift. It has gone from simple static creations of plain text to high-powered, complex Internet applications. Web developments have made a range of websites more functional for businesses, nonprofits, government agencies, and personal use.

Web apps today reinforce extensive varieties of customer experiences and push back-office functions for major brands. The reason for this is some relevant trends that have been adapted which have followed the industry well into 2019.

The following are some top predictions for web development that are expected to grow this year.

1.Intelligent Chatbots


In a recent survey, it was found that around 60% of respondents interacted with chatbots at least once in the past 12 months. The problem with chatbots today is that customers want fast responses, and they also want quick solutions. Despite this demand, most consumers have had to deal with dumb chatbots.

Chatbots are certainly cleverer now. In 2019 the mandate for chatbots to be more intelligent is even more pressing. Customers want an agreeable experience when dealing with chatbots. Developers want to make their customers feel like they are dealing with an actual human being. This year thus developers will push forward to intelligent chatbots to help customer experience and increase sales.

2. Accessibility Improvements

It may be the most accessible time to learn web development and build web applications. This can be done for a low cost depending on where you are and your skills as a developer. There are accessible platforms now which make it convenient for developers to build side projects, generate Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) from scratch, and practice new ways to create without too much of time lost in learning techniques.

3.Faster Speeds

This is a pivotal aspect of web design, especially in the fast-paced world of today. It is strongly suggested by experts that the loading time of websites to be less than three seconds to have a long-lasting impression on visitors. If users have to wait for more than this, it could result in a high bounce rate. Surveys have found that 5% of organizations found that website visitors abandoned their website in a second of delay.

A well-developed website that has overloaded data will slow down your page speed no matter what and this eats up a vast amount of your revenue. Google Speed updates highlight the need to pay attention to page loading time. Google further prioritizes and ranks faster loading websites, promoting these over those with better content even.

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4.Using Illustrations

illustrations in web development

The specialty of a web developer is the knowledge of everyday stories of experts in the industry. In 2019, the less design there is, the better. In the world of web development, everything needs to be functional and thus any excess needs to go. However, a great number of pictures, fonts, shapes, and illustrations are coming back to a new wave of popularity. As cryptocurrency development becomes mainstream there is a close integration of design with animated illustrations. The development of a website should incorporate everything that can earn user attention. An interesting system is combining graphics with minimalism when the graphic accent is shifted to a photograph. Besides this, the quantity of text content is condensed.  

5.The End of the Grid

The grid is used as a tool for laying out elements is always going to be part of the web design process. It is unlikely to have the same self-referential cool that it had in the previous years. If you hire a web development company in 2019 they will give you gradients as part of the strategy, all the while embracing flat design. The CSS Grid is losing popularity so that organic, grid-less design is highlighted for the next few years.


JavaScript has been the most used programming language in the last six years. It has continued to develop according to a 2018 report. Its frameworks have undergone evolution, adjusting libraries and designs that add more value to the market. It is still a developer’s top pick language in 2019 for it gives a whole new experience of flexibility, challenge, and control when compared to other languages.

7.Mobile Friendly

mobile friendly web development

Speed may be one of the top measures that Google takes a look at to rank websites but it is not the only vital factor. In 2015 mobile searches outdid desktop searches, which made then the highest search form in the world. Google changed the sites they could index first in accordance with these stats and they now prioritize mobile sites over sites that aren’t mobile-friendly.

Since mobile sites are taking priority away from desktop sites, it’s no wonder that mobile-first design has become a popular trend. Mobile-first designs are about altering the way that websites are made fundamentally. The previous standard was that a site would only be designed for a desktop or laptop computer and a mobile responsive option might be added as well. Mobile-first design does the opposite of this. It begins with developing the site for the mobile user first before producing a version that will also work for a desktop user.

8.CSS3 Animation

The growth of animation in the past few years has been quite rapid. In 2018 it was predicted that animation is one of the most influential trends in web development and this is only going to increase in 2019. Developers use CSS3 technology to make traditional web design more vibrant and easy to use. Since CSS3 animation is considered comparatively new in the UI field, there is more room for its development. It is therefore predicted that CSS3 animation should be used and developed more in the coming year.

9.Machine Learning

Technology giants such as Amazon, Facebook, and Netflix were using personalization as a competitive differentiator instead of an integrated design. However, users are now trained to expect it whenever they venture online. Hence, businesses have to generate their Web apps with real-time personalization in mind through machine learning. This concentrates on accessing data and using it learn for themselves to gather new information.


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