Why Use VR for Conducting Construction Site Training?

VR(Virtual Reality): A construction site contains a plethora of problems for its workers. Every piece of equipment or a location is a potential accident just waiting to happen. In 2016 there were 370 fatal accidents out of a total 991 according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.
This is why construction safety and fall protection training programs are the need of the hour, that’s why they Use VR for Conducting Construction Site Training.

Every person has a different fight or flight response. Some people run, some freeze, and some turn around to fight. This ability to handle fear and assess risk comes from experience. The problem that workers in a construction company face are that gaining that experience can be just as risky and dangerous as facing the problem in real life.
This is exactly the reason why People use VR for Conducting Construction Site Training. all of this is for construction safety and fall training problems.

Here are some benefits of using VR for Conducting Construction Site Training for Employees safety.

Safer training Environment with VR

virtual reality(VR)

This one is obvious, really. The training environment is much more safe and secure than the original environment. Everything like moving steel, lumber, and other materials, working with and pouring concrete, running around naked electricity wires, and such is a potential disaster for people, and that is the biggest reason of using VR for Conducting Construction Site Training.

Traditionally speaking, there were two ways to train employees in such matters. Either you hold seminars, workshops, and lectures, which did not do any justice to the safety training as most people don’t take as much interest in boring and dry lectures. Also, lecturing someone about construction safety is like teaching someone to,

swim in the drawing-room

There is a huge gap between theory and practice.

The second option was to conduct live training in a controlled environment. That too was dangerous as no matter how much the environment was controlled, there would always be some mistake or the chances of something getting out of hands. Also, there were multiple scenarios to teach so that would require a lot of space to develop these environments.

Effective training must seem dangerous and realistic and elicit the same kinds of emotions that a real-life situation would, while being safe in reality. That’s where virtual reality comes in. Using VR for Conducting Construction Site Training solves all these problems. It is completely safe and secure. It doesn’t need a lot of space and management can execute different scenarios in the same space just by loading different programs.

Create Realistic Sinerio with VR technology

Like mentioned above, many of the scenarios that the management team wanted to create for the employees would be highly expensive. Some of the situations were impossible to create. Try creating a scenario where you have to teach your employees about how to act when stuck on the 15th floor of a building.

People used to simulate the scenarios as best as they could. They would use simulated weights and build structures to reasonable heights for role plays but that wouldn’t be enough. Companies would face all sorts of obstacles and limitations like budget deficits, gravity, and risk. Hence, they would not be able to construct a situation to teach their employees.

Virtual reality(VR) allows you to create any kind of situation or environment that you want. Nothing is impossible. If you want to teach your employees how to work with electric wires, you can easily ask the Virtual Reality Developers that you’ve hired to create the scenario.

Simulating the most dangerous situations in the safest environment is a huge advantage that VR services technology offers companies in the construction industry.

Practice and Repeat with VR

Another huge advantage of virtual reality technology is that there is no limit to the number of repetitions that an employee can go through until he is an expert in that sort of situations.

Companies can train their staff again and again at a fraction of the cost that they would incur when they used real environments to teach. Gone are the days when the employees were given a lecture in a hall and then their real experience would come when they actually entered the construction site. All your employees have to do is to put on the headset and they will be transported to the environment immediately with VR(virtual technology).

Create Random Situations

Real-life is hard as linear or as predictable as the workshops and seminars make us believe. There’s always randomness and haphazardness around you. If a company wants to train their employees properly, then they have to make way for this randomness in their training. Virtual reality can help you do that.

Instead of teaching your employees about one safety procedure at a time, which never happens in the real world, just immerse them in a real-life situation where multiple things could go wrong and your employees can train themselves how to act in the real world according to the situation that arises.

As the economy rises and construction crews are put under a lot of pressure to build more and more complex and technologically advanced structures, Virtual Reality is a construction company’s answer to less falls, electrocutions, and injuries.


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