Freelancers Vs Software Houses: Choosing The Best

Businesses of any size whether it’s a startup company or an already established business need to have an online presence in the market. The power of having a website or a mobile application has reached another level in the technological world. With modern technologies integrated for the effectiveness and the efficiency of communication mediums, all companies need a software developer at one point or another.

However, choosing a developer who is a freelancer or going with a software house is an important decision for companies. Take a look below to unveil factors that are involved in decision making.

Pros of Hiring Freelancers:

  • Cheap Rates

Most freelancers charge cheaper rates than what software development companies would do. For a startup business, hiring freelancers can be beneficial since there are no overhead costs to be covered for example health insurance or by paying for additional office space.

  • Skilled in Specific Areas

As freelancers run their businesses solely, they usually enhance and hone their skills towards a specific area making them beneficial to hire for certain tasks or to complete projects that have been made already in that area of expertise.

  • Flexible

Freelancers can get more work done with the flexibility of the schedule. They can work on any part of the day if they are willing to.

  • Easily Hired

As freelancers are now in demand they can be found across multiple platforms such as fiver, up work and other places to find them.

Cons of Hiring Freelancer:

  • Lack of trust

Freelancers handle many projects at ones at the same time that someday they might suddenly disappear without informing. When hiring freelancers need to make sure that they are available on schedule or not.

  • Product Quality

Not all freelancers achieve good quality for businesses who hire them. Their main objective would be to build an application or a website without it being tested since they are working on other projects in parallel. Maintaining product quality would not be a priority of freelancers for a company to succeed therefore poses a risk for companies hiring them with their work.

  • Unorganized

Freelancers may have the skills and knowledge to make sure they get the app developed but may lack organizational skills to plan and prepare their processes. This can lead to missing out on features and not meeting the said deadlines.

  • No confidentiality

Freelancer being an independent employee cannot be trusted and relied upon in maintaining confidentiality posing a risk of the company’s idea to be stolen. A software house in UK maintains confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements with employees offering support for all projects.

  • Poor Time Commitment

A freelancer due to his flexibility of hours cannot be expected to complete their work on time committed. In addition to parallel projects, they don’t have a specific timeline for their clients’ work.

Pros of Hiring a Company:

  • Best for Big Projects

A professional software development company has a mix of expert people that offer additional services such as business analytics or SEO services for the successful execution of the project. Expertise in all areas of work is to be found that consists of a team of professionals consisting of creative designers, developers, quality assistants and much more.

  • Use Latest Technologies

Any good software house is aware of the new tools and technologies coming into the market that can include the introduction of new programming languages or new hardware that can be implemented to produce a unique product. They constantly work on giving innovation by constantly evolving and improving upon their products and services.

  • Limitless Support

A software house in UK maintains a high-quality standard from the initial stages of product development by testing and carrying out each function properly without any crashes and stoppages in software since customer satisfaction is at their highest priority.

Cons of Hiring a Company:

  • High Rates

Acquiring services from professional software development companies can be costly than what freelancers will charge for. A software house in UK, having experience workers can be a better option by offering middling pricing options suited to meet the needs of customers at all times.

  • Work Delay

A software development company consists of a team of experts each suited to meet the specifics needs of business applications that include designers, developers, project managers, and others. However, sometimes it becomes a challenging task for a software house to deliver projects speedily.


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