Virtual Box – Computer Application

virtual box

Virtual Box is the Virtualization Package of software, which can be installed in the computer system as an application. It can create Multiple machines in a virtual form. In addition to it can install many operating systems as a guest from in your system.

You can install too many kinds of operating systems, in fact, all operating systems in a virtual box, like -Windows, Linux, Android, Solaris, and Mac OS. Developed by Innotex GmbH under a proprietary software Licence. In January 2007, based on counsel by LiSoG, Innotek GmbH released VirtualBox Open Source Edition (OSE) as free and open-source software.

In January 2010 Oracle Bought the it and re-branded the product as “Oracle VM VirtualBox.

Installation of Virtual Box

download virtual box

First, Go to :- Second, download it according to your operating system.

setup of virtual box

2. After Downloading, Run the Setup.

virtual box setup

3. Click on install and then click on FINISH.

How to create Machine

create machine vb

1: open virtual Box and click on NEW

name machine

2: Name the machine and choose the Type of operating system (windows)

give memory size

3: Give the memory size of virtual machine

create virtual harddisk

4: create virtual hard disk

hd file

5: hard disk file type VDI

virtual box  hd

6: give hard disk size

virtual machine created

Machine is created

Following all those above steps, finally, you got created a machine, After installing virtual box, the way you install windows in your computer similarly or in the same way you can install it in your virtual machine.

You can install windows as well as Linux operating system in your machines.

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