What is Blog?

A blog is Basically a Regularly updated web-page or website where an individual or a small group write something informal, formal or in a conversational style.

Who is Blogger?

Blogger is a person who writes something on an online profile portal or on social media.

How to start a blog?

Basically, starting a blog is not a big deal. Just go to any blogging website and create your account or create your own website for blogging. The problem comes here that how will you manage the blog, how you work on it, what you write, how you write?
So the First step is, you should know that what you are going to write in your daily blog?

If you are sharing your personal knowledge in your blog then first you need to channelize your knowledge in a detailed form, But if you are making a blog where you upload current affairs or the latest news, then the first step which comes is that you must need to know the latest with proper knowledge.

So, let me explain you both the conditions briefly.

Sharing Personal Knowledge

Sharing Personal Knowledge in your blog is a bit easier than sharing the current updates or sharing trend in your blog.

Here are some Important steps for sharing your knowledge in your blog:-

  1. Make sure the knowledge you are going to share is correct because sharing the wrong information in public is harmful to you and also for the readers.
  2. Gather more information about your knowledge, it enhances your knowledge and polishes it for further use.
  3. channelize your knowledge in the right manner, it makes easy to read for the users.
  4. Give a brief summary of your topic in last.

Sharing Current Affairs or Latest News

Sharing Current affairs is a little harder and complex job, because you are also unknown with these topics, so first you need to do much research work before writing, because as I said above that sharing wrong knowledge can be harmful for your blog and for your users.

So, Follow those steps before writing:-

  1. Research everywhere what you want to write.
  2. gather all related information.
  3. Think Before writing.
  4. Check the legal details before writing.
  5. Don’t copy the content as-it-is from anywhere, it causes a copyright issue.
  6. Try to talk with Experts, They give you the proper knowledge about your topic.

Words Have Power


Remember that you are going to write publicly so you need to keep some important points remembered in your mind Because your First content defines your whole blog so write healthily and fruitfully.

Points you should Remember till writing

  1. Write healthy and fruitful content
  2. Use your vocabulary
  3. Try to use different ways to say something
  4. Increase your word count
  5. Don’t copy
  6. Read before writing
  7. provide extra knowledge in your content
  8. make your content dynamic

That’s all, here we are done all the important points which you should remember to become a successful blogger.

In addition, if you want to read any interesting article then you can read that article here, your comments are equally important for us because first, it helps us to give good articles to you guys and second that it encourages our website.

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