Android Q

android q

New Android version

Google launches a new Operating System. Introducing the beta version of Android Q. The OTA which means “over-the-air” is being transmitted to users.

Keeping all the phones in mind based on the OTA . You can manually install the beta’s flash version in your Phones.

The current version is 9.0 OS, but now you can update your OS version to this New Beta version Q.

The company has given this Version to Pixel 3, Pixel 3XL, Pixel 2XL, Pixel 2.
Mainly Google Release this version for Google Phone’s series, but can also install it in your Android OS.

Android Q

How to Search and Update it

The Android Q update is being sent via Google OTA but Before updating this you need to check the that your Android version has Update option or not.

  1. Go to your Smartphone’s settings.
  2. After that Click on system Option.
  3. Click on About Phone.
  4. In about phone, You can check your current version.
  5. You will get a security page option. within the phone.
  6. Before Installation of the updates, please make sure that your data backed up.
  7. Tap to downloaded and install.

Such Updates

If you have any updates on your smartphones then download it.
The file Size can be more than 1GB, so the first connect your smartphone to WiFi.

New Android OS best features.

  1. In this, you will also get the support of the Foldable smartphone.
  2. Google has improved split screen for this so, it can be used better in a foldable smartphone.
  3. Foldable Phone Support.
  4. Multi-Resume Feature.
  5. Warning against Older Apps.
  6. Vulcan API for UI Rendering.
  7. Enhanced Treble Support.
  8. Earlier Access to Android Q for Testing.
  9. Dark Mode.
  10. Better Smart Locks.
  11. Enhanced Performance.

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